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Track my travels in real time - password: CALL Reagan

Motorcycle Training picture gallery
My picture gallery
Group photo of our fishing trip - 08/05

An on-line protractor drawing

My GSX-R 600 Service Manual
Savage Owner's Manual

Old stuff from MLI

Bandwidth Loads
Dallas Bandwidth Loads

Long list of Looking Glasses and Route Servers
XO Looking Glass
Other route servers via telnet
C & W Info Page
Our CacheFlow Server
URL logs of CacheFlow
A Cool WWW SNMP MIB Browser
CacheFlow Bypass list
Gated Docs
Network Soluions Whois
Nagios (Big D)
APC Switch A.03
APC Switch B.07

Open Relay Checker
Web Traceroute
Web Ping
GMT Timezone conversions
Unix Time converstion

SSH Client for Windows

Cobalt JSP manual

Brian's Router Project

NTIA study: A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use Of The Internet
Cisco Router stuff
Backup Info Bacula
AC Thermostat Control
Cobalt RaQ550 Info
  • Additional info from Lucent
    Bind 9 Administrator Reference Manual
    Useful commands that I tend to forget:

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