updated 10/28/4

This is a project I started when I realized my Cisco 7200 didn't have enough power to handle the routing responsibilities I needed it to do. My goals were simple.

And it needed to do this above 100Mbps.

My first router has 3 Intel Gig-E nics and cost me less than $1100 including the flash card.

Anyone who wants to use this may, just share your changes and suggestions.

Here's the latest flash files.

Step's to install on an HD or ATA Flash drive identified as ad0:

  1. copy flash tar file to a local ftp server
  2. Boot up router w/ BSD Install CD, have the Fixit floppy handy too
  3. Go to Configure and choose FDISK. Use the entire disk. You may need to set your disk geometry if you have problems booting.
  4. Besure the FS type is 4.2BSD, use the hidden option "w" to write out your changes
  5. Take the default option to install the Boot loader
  6. Exit Fdisk
  7. Navigate back up to the main menu and choose Fixit and use that fixit floppy.
  8. You need to create 2 device files:
        # mknod /dev/ad0s1a c 116 0x00020000
        # mknod /dev/ad0s1c c 116 0x00020002
  9. Now edit the slice:
        # disklabel -e /dev/ad0s1c
    Just copy the c: line and change the c: to a: and set the fstype is 4.2BSD like this:
        a:   500352        0    4.2BSD        0     0        
        c:   500352        0    unused        0     0         
    Of course your size will differ from 500352 unless you are using the same sansdisk I am. Save your changes when you are done!
  10. install the bootloader and create the filesystem:
        # disklabel -B -r /dev/ad0s1c
        # newfs /dev/ad0s1a
  11. Mount the new file system:
        # mount /dev/ad0s1a /mnt
  12. Set up your networking:
        # ifconfig em0 netmask
        # route add default (optional, if ftp server is local this is not needed)
  13. cd into the flash drive:
        cd /mnt
  14. Now connect to your FTP server and extract the flash.tgz file:
        # ftp
        ftp> get flash.tgz "| zcat | tar xvf -"
  15. Exit ftp, get out of the directory, and unmount it:
        ftp> exit
        # cd /
        # umount /mnt
  16. Rebot the box and remove the CD and floppy media.

Have fun!

type: backup       to save any changes from reboot to reboot
Remember nothing is saved unless you type backup.

create your zebra files in /usr/local/etc/zebra
Once the base configs are in place,
start zebra: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/zebra start
to make further changes, try these commands:
type: telnet localhost zebra
type: telnet localhost bgpd

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